Aspen ASP05

The ASPEN line is the top of the Venix range, with touch-controls on the door for quick and easy selection of blast chilling and freezing cycles. Made entirely from stainless steel, the ASPEN line also boasts 70 mm thick insulation, a key feature that guarantees perfect insulation and excellent energy saving.
Design and ergonomics are particularly refined and cleaning is optimised by features like reversible doors, a removable tray holder, curved interior side panels, easy access to the air filter and an ozone kit for effective sanitisation.
The availability of a core temperature probe, Gastronorm, Euronorm and American standard trays and a HOT GAS DEFROST system contribute to perfect performance and Intuitive capacitive control with super-easy graphic display.
The solution designed for professionals of the culinary arts. Aspen communicates with you via Bluetooth, HACCP data and constantly updates you on product chilling phases. Ideal for restaurants , patisserie shops, hotels, catering facilities and large kitchens.

Outside dimension (WxDxH)840x830x900
Package dimensions (WxDxH)870x870x1080
Weight (kg)110
Packaged Weight (kg)130
Load capacity5 Trays 600×400
5 Trays 650×450
5 Trays GN1/1
Trays spacing (mm)68
Voltage / Frequency220V – 1~ + N – 50Hz / 230V – 1~ +N – 60Hz
Cooling capacity*1870W (50Hz)
2350W (60Hz)
Capacity per cycle20 kg +90°->+3°C / 13 Kg +90°-> -18°C
Refrigerant GasR452a
Max absorbed current7A (50Hz)
7A (60Hz)
Max absorbed power1300W (50Hz)
1500W (60Hz)
Insulation thickness (mm)70
Soft & Hard Blast Chilling
Soft & Hard Deep Freezing
Core probe or timed cycle
Storage at the end of each cycle
Raw fish freezing
Ice Cream
Hot Gas Defrost
Core probe
Core probe
Heated Core Probe
Pivoting Wheels kit
Oven Coupling kit
Sanitisation kit
* Evap -10°, Cond. 45