Kodiak KDA10

The latest addition to the Venix family of blast chillers, the KODIAK line is highly evolved, complete and versatile, thanks to load capacities ranging from three to fifteen 60 x 40 trays.
KODIAK blast chillers stand out for a complete covering in innovative, FINGERPRINT-FREE material that optimises resistance, greatly facilitates cleaning and guarantees impeccable hygiene at all times.
The KODIAK line offers a choice of automatic and manual blast chilling and freezing cycles and comes with reversible doors for greater practicality. Various optionals are also available, including a core temperature probe, an ozone kit for effective sanitization and feet that can be removed and replaced with wheels for easier mobility.
The solution designed for professionals of the culinary arts who want both essential simplicity and efficiency. Kodiak is compact, light and versatile, ideal for restaurants, patisserie shops and snack bars.

Outside dimension (WxDxH)790x760x1600790x760x1600790x760x1600
Package dimensions (WxDxH)830x800x1790830x800x1790830x800x1790
Weight (kg)136136136
Packaged Weight (kg)156156156
Load capacity10 trays 600×400
10 Trays GN 1/1
10 trays 600×400
10 Trays GN 1/1
10 trays 600×400
10 Trays GN 1/1
Trays spacing (mm)737373
Voltage / Frequency220V – 3~ – 50Hz
220V – 3~ – 60Hz
400V – 3~ +N – 50Hz440V – 3~ +N – 60Hz
Cooling capacity*3263W (50Hz)
3768W (50Hz)
3263 W3768W
Capacity per cycle40 kg +90°->+3°C / 25 Kg +90°-> -18°C40 kg +90°->+3°C / 25 Kg +90°-> -18°C40 kg +90°->+3°C / 25 Kg +90°-> -18°C
Refrigerant GasR452aR452aR452a
Max absorbed current9.1A (50Hz)
10.34A (60Hz)
Max absorbed power2884W (50Hz)
3482W (60Hz)
Insulation thickness (mm)606060
Soft & Hard Blast Chilling
Soft & Hard Deep Freezing
Core probe or timed cycle
Storage at the end of each cycle
Automatic defrost
Core probe
Core probe
Hot Gas Defrost
HACCP Control
Heated Core Probe
Pivoting Wheels kit
Oven Coupling kit
Sanitisation kit
* Evap -10°, Cond. 45