All the flavour of Venice

When we began serving the food sector, we chose a name and a brand associated with Venice, one of the world’s most unique cities. Venix is a company of connoisseurs, determined to amaze customers with tasteful, high-class products. So it’s no coincidence that the items in our catalogue bear the names of some of Venice’s most famous and historical places: San Marco, Squero, Rialto, San Giorgio, Torcello, Burano…

All Venix products are distinguished by design choices inspired by the values on which Venice built its success and a thousand years of tradition: quality achieved through creativity, innovation, constant travel around the world, ease of use, effectiveness and performance.

For many centuries, Venetian products were the result of a formidable combination of beauty and business, and boasted a unique capacity to succeed on international markets. These same principles inspired us in the development of our range of modern products for food preparation – one of the most important activities in our daily lives.