Cannaregio CA8008M0

A perfect blend of technology, reliability and design, CANNAREGIO PROVERS ensure the accurate temperature and humidity control essential for perfect proving.

Model suitable for ovenB04DV6.26 – B04D.24 – B04M.26 – B04DV6 – B04D – B04M – T04DI.200 – T03DI.200 – T04MI.200 – T04MPG – T04MP – T04M – T03MI.200
Tray capacity8 600×400 – GN1/1
Distance between tray75 mm
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Power (kW)2,4
Prover size (WxDxH mm)800 x 678 x 866
Max cooking temperature60°C
Oven weight (kg)50